Pearhouse Productions is a friendly, neighborhood creative firm offering professional speakers, nonprofits, entrepreneurs and corporations web development, graphic design and book publishing services. All this while remaining true to the original spirit of my company. My approach to business is simple: develop strong relationships with my clients. The more we know each other, the more trust we engender. Communication improves the creative flow.


I’m based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania but serve clients from all over the Americas. Please contact me to discuss your needs. I’ll be happy to work up a proposal, offer some advice or just talk about the weather.

Client Testimonials

Mike Murray has been a crucial part of my success. He’s my Go-To-Guy for publishing my books, writing copy, creating outstanding design and marketing materials, maintaining my website and so much more. It’s not just his efficiency and expertise that separates Mike from the rest of the pack, but the way he makes business personal.

- Steve Rizzo, Hall of Fame Speaker and Author of “Motivate THIS!”

Mike provides comprehensive and consistent support for our graphic design needs and led the successful and cost-effective redesign of our website. He’s patient, collaborative, fast and extremely reliable. Mike makes it possible for our small team to do big things.

- Anna Doering, Managing Director, Vanka Murals

Mike Murray took the time to understand my goals, fears and preferences. His knowledge, development process and flexibility are what sold me. I didn’t want a cookie-cutter approach, and he didn’t offer me one.

- Steve Gilliland, Hall of Fame Speaker

Mike seems to understand exactly what I am looking for and turns new projects and updates around quickly. We have been working  together “long distance” for about 14 years, and  it remains a pleasure!

- Jane Simpson, Davie Community Foundation

Mike is AWESOME! He is so talented and creative! Mike, You Rock!

- Tamara Bunte, America’s #1 Sales Coach